Filmmaker Magazine – 07.22.2008
“Ingenious low-budget independent filmmaking that just happens to be viewable only on the Web… The West Side recently won a Webby Award for Best Drama Series of 2008 and seems poised to bring greater attention to its resourceful and talented creators.”
Space Shank Media – 06.18.2008
“Webby-award winning online drama The West Side is simply the best-shot series online… What they’ve done with long, sweeping shots, and high contrast is nothing short of filmmaking genius.”
Guardian – 05.01.2008
“This laconic urban western, made for less than US$1,000 but looking like a million bucks, will deservedly sweep up the best online drama series award at the Webbys.” – 04.23.08
“The wild wild west meets the urban noir jungle in Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo and Zachary Lieberman’s online debut ‘The West Side,’ a slick and stylish black-and-white narrative drama about New York cowboy-gangsters.”
VidHammer – 07.27.2007
“… It’s clear, after just one episode, that these guys have very real film chops. The lighting, the composition, even the sound mixing is on another level than nearly all of the video being put on the web today.”
NewTeeVee – 07.16.2007
“Its careful cinematic plotting and respect for traditional filmmaking structures is unusual amongst online content, and the attention to detail on display is remarkable.”
MIT Cultural Convergence Consortium – 07.09.2007
“Some say that the Western is dead. With the lack of quality Western movies in recent years … there has been a fascinating online collaboration from Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo and Zachary Lieberman called The West Side.”
Just TV (Jason Mittell) – 07.08.2007
“An excellent sense of visual style and genre playfulness… Not the standard YouTube shtick, but a more ambitious sense of what online video might enable.”
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Director’s Notes – 10.14.2007
A UK-based blog on “The What, How & Why of Independent Filmmaking” posted an interview with us in podcast form. Listen to the interview in its entirety.
MIT Cultural Convergence ConsortiumPart OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four – 08.17.07
The Convergence Culture Consortium (C3) “explores the ways the business landscape is changing in response to the growing integration of content and brands across media platforms and the increasingly prominent roles that consumers are playing in shaping the flow of media.” The interview initially ran in their private newsletter for their corporate and academic affiliates.


The West Side is an urban western. Learn more... We won a Webby Award!