Episode Three | posted on April 3, 2008 16 comments
  1. pat 4 Apr 2008

    Another great episode. Just an amazing piece of work.
    Hope the series continues soon.

  2. Tim 8 Apr 2008

    Wow, really terrific work on everyone’s behalf. I am really impressed.

  3. Fllanza 8 Apr 2008

    This episode kept me jumping out of my seat.

    I cant wait to see the rest!

  4. James Kanka 9 Apr 2008

    I don’t want to harp, but what took so long for that episode? It’s just a back and forth.

    Anyway, great suspense… I always try to talk myself into believing that the boss is going to let the guy go. Poor dude.

  5. Mark 10 Apr 2008

    Tight sh*t guys

  6. Mark 10 Apr 2008

    your 2nd in voting for the webby’s people choice

  7. Josh Oakhurst 11 Apr 2008

    The plot thickens…..nice job!

  8. jmac 11 Apr 2008

    Incredible work….I got into this stuff via my uncle Tim Johnson (friend of Helen) and I have to say it is a class above the rest.

    I have voted and blogged it and linked to it.

    Great work to everyone involved.

  9. Andrew 16 Apr 2008


  10. Jeremy Holiday 22 Apr 2008

    Looking good!

  11. Jaz 24 Apr 2008

    awesome, I just watched all 3 episodes, Great camera angles. I could definitely see this as series or feature film. Keep up the great work! It had me tense and on edge. Western with modern feel!

  12. Norman 26 Apr 2008

    I love this series. A definite winner. The barkeep stole the scene there. What a performance! The boss was cool too. However, if the boss had been dressed up a little It would have been easier to believe he collected diamond fees from his tenants. He could’ve worn a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to signify that he was willing to muck up his polished exterior when his interests were threated.

    Keep ’em comin’

  13. Keener 5 May 2008

    Street crime knows no social boundary; and truly the oldest profession- although not credted as such. This has some serious conceptual and thematic hooks in it fellas. Wow. Excellent work.

  14. MARK 6 May 2008

    Congrats on the Webby win

  15. ahmad 5 Dec 2010

    i love this so bad a blood nigga get booty

  16. Eddie Robles 7 Sep 2011

    The Black and White choice is great for this bleak world. The talk in this episode is cheesy – but I guess it’s just a segway. Suspense builds up well. The main bad ass is a good actor.

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