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Episode Two | posted on November 29, 2007 12 comments
  1. DC Patterson 29 Nov 2007

    A big step up from ep1! Even more tension, and better post production. I appreciated the deliberate pacing that lets the story move more naturally, instead of relying on fast cuts and loads of music hits to “propel the story”

  2. Yasmin 30 Nov 2007

    Congratulation – GREAT work!
    Not sure I entirely understood the story yet (I am German, so excuse my ignorance…;)) but great photography, awesome sets, wonderful cast (I’m in love with the guy Dash meets on the rooftop, let alone Dash himself), great music and the coolest style in town (I love how there is but one “Hotel” in NYC). I am really really impressed and definitely a fan. Have to stop here though cause I need to start telling my friends 😉
    My compliments and greetings to NYC!

  3. John 30 Nov 2007

    Awesome! The whole rooftop scene opening with the gun and the fire escape… just f’n cool from shot one. Magner is going down son, Dash is a bad man. I’m impressed how you could maintain the same pace and tone (the ashes on the street in e1 to the blood stained bar floor, classic) over the course of such a long production process, you guys definitely have a handle on your biz.

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  7. pat 15 Dec 2007

    Brilliant, even better than the great first episode.

    Im looking forward to the next one.

  8. Seattle Mikey 3 Jan 2008

    Wow, This one got me more hooked than the first. The filter you guys use is very cool. Great work Zach and crew, can’t wait for another one. Are you guys shoping this around yet? Thanks, Mikey

  9. BBall E 18 Jan 2008

    After I dragged you to ACE on Thursday I figured I at least owed you guys the respect to take a view of your project. Very impressive, will definitely be checking out future episodes. Almost as impressive as us shutting down the 7 footer..

    Keep up the great work, hope shooting goes well this weekend and I will spread the word.

  10. mario Nicholas 15 Feb 2008

    This episode better than the first, Now I am really hooked.

  11. Loc Nguyen 27 Aug 2011

    How did you do the scoring for these episodes? Additionally, what audio setup are using for shooting these episodes?

  12. Eddie Robles 7 Sep 2011

    Good sound in the abandoned house – flies, dogs barking. The main character should have something in his past or a “not wanting and trying to avoid the exact situation he’s in”. But right now it’s his character (morals) and bad righteousness in action that make him stand out – and thats more than good enough

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