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Episode Four | posted on June 8, 2008 22 comments
  1. James Kanka 8 Jun 2008

    Nice work on the special effects! I wish it was longer.

  2. Bernie 9 Jun 2008


  3. Adam 10 Jun 2008

    this is by far my favorite episode. The pistol-hit to the head looked as realistic as you can film.

  4. Josh Oakhurst 11 Jun 2008

    Wow Ryan and Zach!

    4 episode in 11 months – with type of quality, there is no reason to be cranking through them. Very very impressed Ep 4.

    Where, where, oh where did you find all these bombed out exteriors? Your locations are amazing, I definitely get the feeling the city is indeed desolate; the wind SFX don’t feel forced at all.

    I’m not going to even comment on the technical details; the storytelling was impeccable, had me gripped the whole time.

    I’m feeling the anticipation of something big for you both. Hope that screening went well.

    Stay the course; this is gonna pay off for you big time.

    – #1 Fan

  5. Bishop 12 Jun 2008

    Now Thats How It Do Like

  6. Directors Notes | The West Side - Episode Four 15 Jun 2008

    […] we’ve come to expect but this time laced with action aplenty so lock the door and go watch Episode Four (sorry again, I just can’t help myself). Related […]

  7. PJ 10 Jul 2008

    Very powerful! Raw and at the same time pensive.The pace builds tension and delivers at just the right time. The music is so much a part of the story that you hardly notice how it’s influencing your level of suspense and anticipation (props Benny C).

  8. Patrick D. 5 Aug 2008

    I never liked Westerns until now, great work Fellas!

  9. Matt Collins 14 Aug 2008

    Very good stuff guys, my only suggestion is about your player: it loads slowly and can be very buggy. Why not put your stuff up on Vimeo or some other such site as an alternative?

  10. Patrick 2 Sep 2008

    The episodes look great, guys. Congratulations.
    I read that you shoot with a DVX100 24p hd camera. What is the 35mm adapter?

  11. The Sistah 4 Sep 2008

    Please, please, please, please give me some MORE!!! There’s just but so many times over I can watch episodes one through four. I will now, don’t get me wrong, but I NEED more. Real quality stuff, dudes. I’ve been spreading the word and just about everyone I know has heard me rave. So, give it to me baby. Stop teasing me.

  12. John 22 Sep 2008

    Sweeeeet! My fav episode so far. Awesome gunfight and the best dialogue you guys have done so far. Props to the sound effects guy.

    “Tell a friend.”

  13. Peter Owen 8 Jan 2009

    Awesome work! I never liked westerns either, but this really caught my eye. I especially like the sound effects and the ample silence is very powerful.

  14. Anne 17 Feb 2009

    That Bernie guy has a real on-screen presence!

  15. DarkEssence 19 Feb 2009

    I loved all four of the current episodes. I hope you guys continue to make them, and I hope that you guys find something big down the road. First off the idea of a Modern Western, was well-written and designed. I loved the way you filmed, and you’ve got pretty good actors and aactresses. You’re starting to put in more action and more dramatized events, and I’mm loving all of it. My favorite so far has been the third and fourth episodes, with the fourth one being slightly better put forth. I just wish they were each a bit longer, especially the fourth one. Great plot-line and you eliminated the main antagonists chronies in an unsuspecting way. Overall I love this idea, and loved the way you made everything bottom on up. I wish you the best of luck and I will subscribe so that I may be able to check out later episodes.

  16. Mairzy 21 Feb 2009

    I wanna see more of that Bernie guy. Ooohhhhh CALIENTE!

  17. Scott Williams 25 May 2009

    Bernie is this generation’s Marlon Brando

  18. Mikee 22 Apr 2010

    Nice video, great camera work, nice audio, great editing!!!

  19. skipp 28 Jul 2010

    yo! this is dope! can you tell me how many cameras you shot with? this is amazing…

  20. vered 25 Nov 2010

    Great angles!

  21. jammer 31 Dec 2010

    excellent, it just shows all of us that we can do it, if we put our collective minds together.

  22. Eddie Robles 7 Sep 2011

    Sound thruout the series was great. This held my attention till the end.

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