The West Side is an urban western, created by Ryan Koo and Zack Lieberman. Set in a unique, alternate universe, it melds together elements of two disparate film genres: the grit of an urban setting with the tradition of the American Western. The show is presented free on the internet as a contemporary version of the serial novel; new chapters in the dozen-episode storyline will be posted as quickly as they can be produced. Please subscribe to be notified of new episodes, or read the production blog for updates on the show's progress (and pitfalls). Check out some of the press we've gotten and feel free to let us know what you think on the contact page.

The West Side is currently on hiatus.

The Cast So Far    
Damian Washington Lionel Pina Nicholas Job
Qasim - Damian Washington Magner - Lionel Pina Idris - Nicholas Job
Elia Monte-Brown Gerald Vaughan Brendan Donnelly
Corley - Elia Monte-Brown Amin - Gerald Vaughan Victor - Brendan Donnelly
James Sampson Matt Lobenhofer William Mason
Isaiah - James Sampson Idris' Son - Matt Lobenhofer Hassan - William Mason
Ronnie Giles Omar Gonzalez  
Barkeep - Ronnie Giles Saul - Omar Gonzalez   
Eric Ellis Brown Bernie Orozco Bishop
Henchman - Eric Ellis Brown Henchman - Bernie Orozco Henchman - Bishop
Christopher Carson Patrick Egan  
Driver - Christopher Carson Undertaker - Patrick Egan  
Written, produced, directed, shot, edited, and designed by - Ryan Koo and Zack Lieberman
Original music by - Ben Campbell
Associate producers - Damian Washington - Felipe Colón
Still photography by - Catherine Corley
Featured extras - Royce Wilder - James Dunseith - Felipe Colón - Trevor Craker - Ruby Craker
Special thanks to -Detonation Films - Justine Fasciano - Joe Delgado - The Dead Poet - Kate Glicksberg
James Lafferty - Adam Ostaszewski - Johnathan Garcia
2018 EXIT STRATEGY EXIT STRATEGY new media Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND-3.0